At Inspired Retirement, we help successful working professionals like you, who are nearing financial independence, to create a vision for your best retirement and build a non-financial plan to get there.

So you can confidently leave your working life behind and avoid second-guessing or regretting the decision to retire.

Because we believe that instead of just getting old, retirement should be about finding something new!

Are you a workaholic?

Unsure if retirement is for you?

Inspired Retirement can help you to change your perception of retirement and create a new identity

so you can find fulfilling ways to spend the 40/50/60 hours a week previously consumed by work

and escape the boredom/aimless drifting that can trap up to 50% of retirees

With Inspired Retirement, you'll discover...

Ways to make the most of your retirement - right from day one
How to avoid the common pitfalls that tend to send retirees off-course
What is your purpose? Your reason to get-out-of-bed each morning?
Steps to maximize your independence and quality of life as you age

Inspired Retirement Coaching

is available in your choice of 2 formats:

For those independent types
who prefer to go it alone…


A unique, online,

self-directed program that
encourages self-reflection and
planning at your own pace

  • Available on web / Apple / Android

  • Micro-lessons & Journaling

  • Access to Online Community

  • Bi-weekly group discussions

For those pragmatic types

who prefer to focus on the need-to-know…


1-on-1 coaching

for those looking for more

directed and personalized

planning experience

  • In-Person / Phone / Zoom

  • Personalized

  • Specific to your needs / issues

  • Access to Online Community

Curious to Learn More?

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Inspire YOUR Retirement

...even if you don't have a clue what you'll do with all that extra time you'll have not working!

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